Medical Coding Guide

How to Make Wellness Screening Codes Work for You

Did you know that you can earn additional revenue for your healthcare practice by utilizing wellness screening codes? Medicare and various insurance companies provide coverage for preventive services beyond the annual wellness visit in a primary care setting. By taking advantage of specific wellness screening codes, you can bill and get reimbursed for services like alcohol misuse screening, depression screening, and counseling for tobacco cessation. Here’s how PractiSynergy can help your practice identify and maximize billing opportunities.


Alcohol Misuse Screening & Counseling:

Alcohol dependence is a prevalent issue that affects many individuals. Medicare and other payers cover an annual screening for alcohol dependence. This screening is defined by certain criteria, including tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, impaired control, and preoccupation with alcohol use. If a patient meets the criteria, your practice can bill for this service once per year. Additionally, for those who screen positive for alcohol dependence, brief face-to-face behavioral counseling can be provided. Behavioral counseling interventions should follow the 5 A’s approach: Assess risk factors, Advise on behavior change, Agree on treatment goals, Assist with behavior change techniques, and Arrange follow-up or other treatment. This counseling service can be billed up to four times per year.


Depression Screening:

Depression is a common mental health condition that often goes undiagnosed. Medicare and other payers offer coverage for annual depression screenings lasting up to 15 minutes. To ensure accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and follow-up, staff-assisted depression care supports, such as nurses or physician assistants, should be in place. Your practice can bill for this service once per year, allowing you to provide crucial mental health support to your patients while receiving reimbursement.


Counseling to Prevent Tobacco Use:

Smoking and tobacco use cessation counseling is an essential service for patients using tobacco, regardless of whether they exhibit signs or symptoms of tobacco-related diseases. Medicare Part B and other payers cover up to eight counseling sessions per year. By offering counseling to help patients quit tobacco, you not only improve their overall health but also increase your practice’s revenue through reimbursable services.


Utilizing PractiSynergy:

Identifying and maximizing billing opportunities for wellness screening codes can be a complex process. This is where PractiSynergy can assist your practice. PractiSynergy is a comprehensive healthcare management solution that helps practices optimize their revenue cycle management. With its advanced features and tools, PractiSynergy can identify the services you’re already providing that qualify for reimbursement and ensure proper billing. By leveraging PractiSynergy, you can streamline your billing processes and focus on delivering quality care to your patients while maximizing revenue.


Take advantage of the wellness screening codes offered by Medicare and other insurance companies to increase revenue for your healthcare practice. By billing and getting reimbursed for services like alcohol misuse screening, depression screening, and counseling for tobacco cessation, you not only provide essential preventive care but also optimize your practice’s financial performance. With PractiSynergy’s assistance, you can easily identify these billing opportunities and streamline your revenue cycle management. Start leveraging these reimbursement options today and see the positive impact on your practice’s bottom line!

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