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Expense Reduction and Management

Our sister company FinanSynergy® has the expertise and the contacts to reduce expenses by negotiating with your existing vendors or new suppliers. Contact FinanSynergy to see up to a 30% reduction in your non-employee expense.

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Cash Flow Analysis

What is the timing of payments from payers? When do you cut checks for vendors? Do you worry if money will be there for payroll weeks? FinanSynergy will review your historical deposits and expenditures and help you develop a cash flow strategy. Have the confidence you need to pay your employees and your bills.

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Bookkeeping and Monthly Accounting

Accurate up to date books are important not just for tax season, but throughout the year to help you plan appropriately. Having accurate accounting of your practice will allow you to apply for loans, establish supplier relationships, and run a solid business. Owner Katie Fergus is an active CPA in the State of Iowa and her team is top notch in the healthcare industry.

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Process Improvement – Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the single most important process in a medical practice.  Establishing solid processes from the first contact with a patient through collecting the last penny from your patient, help you create a sense of predictability in your medical practice.

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