Compliance Training

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Annual Required Training

PractiSynergy ensures compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and Fraud Waste and Abuse. All laws and billing regulations are implemented and closely monitored throughout the daily workflow. Our high ethical standards attest to PractiSynergy’s ongoing customer satisfaction and position as a leader in medical billing.

Fraud Waste and Abuse Training

Why Do We Need this Training?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) require providers participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, to provide prevention of fraud waste and abuse training to all its employees and contracted providers upon hire and on an annual basis thereafter as a pre-requisite to providing services to the beneficiaries of those programs.

CMS also requires business associates with access to Protected Health Information to participate in the training of Fraud Waste and Abuse prevention to its employees and subcontractors.

Attendance/participation in training programs is a condition of employment or contracting with health care providers.

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HIPAA and HITECH Training

There are standards within the HIPAA Security Rule to train all organization workforce members. That means all employees, as well as contractors, of a business associate or covered entity. The rules for training include providing training to new workforce members and ongoing and periodic training, especially with environmental or organizational changes.

Attendance/participation in training programs is a condition of employment or contracting with healthcare providers.

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