It doesn’t matter if patients have commercial insurance or Medicare, most deductibles have been re-set to their maximum amounts. This means the time until providers get paid is at least twice as long. After insurance processes claims, either statements are sent to your patients or claims are sent to secondary insurance. What can you do?!?

  1. You should already be verifying benefits of your patients. In doing this, you know how much their deductible is. If your patient does not have a secondary insurance – collect your allowable or an estimated amount up front.
  2. Ask for payment on outstanding patient balances at EACH visit
  3. Explore alternative payment options and reminders for your patients to pay

For help collecting patient payments contact PractiSynergy – utilizing text messaging and electronic statements provider reimbursement from patients increases more than 30%. Contact Katie Fergus for more information, or 515.237.2974 ext. 204.