Health care is the fourth largest industry in the United States and growing. This industry also has one of the most complicated reimbursement systems dreamed up. It is no wonder some small clinics and hospitals have decided to merge with larger clinics or systems. However, no matter what the size of a practice or facility – any change could have a major impact on the cash flow.

For example:

Has your practice or facility been through a software conversion? What happened? You staff was focused on getting trained on the NEW software to get all the and current patients scheduled and registered, notes documented, and charges recorded, and current billing out/payments posted. What happened to the accounts in the legacy system? You still are probably posting payments from claims that were sent out, but most like denials or appeals have been pushed aside as your staff focus on how to learn to work their new work ques in the new software. Does this sound familiar?

Has your practice or facility suffered from a revolving door of temporary employees? Do you get your temps in place and suddenly they take another job – or they don’t end up being what you were told? You still pay, but who is responsible?

There is a solution for your follow-up woes…PractiSynergy.

PractiSynergy has a permanent full-time team dedicated to projects such as follow-up, temporary placement for medical or disability leave, interim position while position is posted, or more. One or more members of the team are available for assignment based on need and availability. These team members meet the same standards PractiSynergy requires for its full-time medical billing specialists for its “traditional” clients.

How does this service work – and how is it different than a temp agency?
• PractiSynergy will send a team lead out to discuss your issues and needs. Together you will determine reasonable metrics to be measured (reduce accounts over 120 days by 20%, decrease DSO by 10 days, or other critical KPIs)
• Determine staffing and technology needs, we will work remotely
• Set up weekly meetings to review progress
• These staff will be FT staff of PractiSynergy and will not have other employment obligations
• We can also set up an “on-demand” agreement – to have a team available for your facility or practice within a set time frame GUARANTEED!

How does that sound? Too good to be true? Nope…It’s happening now. Call PractiSynergy’s Owner and President Katie Fergus 515.635.5531 or to get your practice or facility signed up TODAY!